Title: A Practical application of the INCOSE guide for writing requirements – using the Reuse and Visure suite of systems & requirements engineering tools
Presenter: Zafar Rahim, Principal Systems Engineering Consultant and Director, Rahim Engineering Consultancy

Date and time: Tuesday 17 May – 9:00 am to 12:30 am

This tutorial focuses on how to use the Reuse Company toolset to improve the quality of requirements in your organisation. This tutorial provides an overview of the following:
• Tailoring the tool’s out-of-the-box INCOSE Guide to Writing Requirements-based syntactic and semantic rules, to suit the requirements engineering maturity level of a project.
• Demonstration of examples of on-the-fly requirements authoring feedback.
• How to generate a requirements quality report against Correctness, Completeness and Consistency (CCC).
• How to perform an assessment of the traceability between Business Requirements and System Requirements.
• How to manage requirements attributes with workflows using Visure Requirements Manager.
The Reuse suite of requirements engineering tools is powered by a Knowledge Manager that contains a definition of the syntax, semantics and lexicon to be used in the development of requirements. This can be tailored at the enterprise, portfolio and project level to match the level of maturity of each task. The tutorial will demonstrate the potential to increase the quality of the requirements during the authoring process, rather than the traditional process of attempting to review in quality after the original authoring is complete. This “on-the-fly correcting” will improve the correctness, completeness and consistency of the requirements created. The process is based on the INCOSE “Characteristics and Rules of Requirement Statements”, INCOSE “Characteristics and Rules of Requirements Sets” and the organisational customisations entered into the Knowledge Manager. The Knowledge Manager also enables the software to perform a level of automation in the traceability process, by means of suggested links between requirements of different levels within the V model.