Experience with deployment of systems engineering and requirements engineering software tools.

Flexible and complete Requirements Engineering suite of tools

Need to take control of your requirements specifications?

There is more pressure than ever to deliver quality products on time and within budget.

Software and systems development is experiencing an exponential growth in complexity while processes are becoming more iterative to reduce time-to-market and cost but at the same time guarantee the highest level of quality.

Requirements Quality Analyzer (RQA)RQA

Checks the quality of your requirements specifications against Correctness, Completeness and Consistency analysis. The rules for Correctness, Completeness and Consistency can be set up according to your quality policies or ones provided out of the box. The Requirements Quality Analyzer connects to most Requirements Management Tools.

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Requirements Authoring Tool (RAT)RAT

Assists you in the activity of writing requirements. Performs Correctness and Consistency analysis on the fly. Suggests terminology changes based on an ontology. Fully integrated in to your Requirements Management Tool.

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Knowledge Manager (KM)

Manages KMterminology and knowledge of your system. Helps you in the creation of patterns for your requirements. Provides methods for automatic generation of Ontologies. Manages knowledge evolution over time.

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