Requirements Engineering & Solutions Management

Let us take a look at how we can improve the requirements management process for you at the enterprise and project level and provide tailored solutions to best match your industries standards, covering: requirements authoring, workflows, change management, configuration management and requirements quality analysis.

Technical planning & Technical effort estimation

Put the right management information in the right place: Project Management Plans, System Engineering Management Plans, Verification and Validation Management Plans, Risk Management Plans and Quality Assurance Management Plan.

Systems Architecture/Design development

Take a holistic approach to your project and its integration with existing systems to allow for a better understanding of concept of operation.


Qualification, Verification & Validation

At crucial stage of the project/product/asset life-cycle an assurance will need to be sought that the right system has been built and the system has been built right. Our systems engineering expertise can be utilised to ensure that adequate processes and documentation are in place to reduce the risk of an unwanted or undesired outcome (from either an acquirer’s or supplier’s perspective).

Life-cycle Process definition

Systems engineering life-cycle processes need to be well understood, regularly evaluated and put in to good practice to ensure the best outcome is achieved for your company and the projects conducted: we can address these areas for you, bringing many years of practical expertise on how to implement systems engineering life-cycle processes.

Quality Assurance

Let us assess and put in the most suitable Quality Assurance framework to fulfil your obligations for a Quality Management System.

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